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  • Financial Advisory Services/Turnaround Management:

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    • Work with customers to develop and maintain short-term 13-week cash flow forecasts for lenders and other stakeholders.
    • Assist with managing difficult trade creditors that could cause strains in cash flow.
    • Assess business to identify risks and develop viable solutions.
    • Provide recommendations to improve current cash position and alternative sources of cash.
    • Analyze critical vendors, critical customer ratios, and their impact on business outcome and lender relationships.
    • Assist customers with developing monthly and annual budgets and forecasts, including monthly cash flows with Income Statement and Balance Sheet, and analyze underlying strategies and assumptions.
    • In default situations, assist customers with restructure and forbearance negotiations, including forbearance period, interest rate, restructure fees, achievable covenants, release price of collateral, and working capital availability.
    • Work with Management to achieve business goals and budget.
    • Implement time-tested methodologies to improve operating performance and profitability.
    • Serve as a sounding board for Management in situations where a Board with diverse experience is non-existent.  Development, analysis, and discussion of variance reports with Management and lenders consistent with our scope of services.

    Operational Services

    • Assist in refinancing efforts.
    • Assist with bankruptcy filings and preparation of First Day Orders.
    • Help to negotiate with secured lenders.
    • Manage and monitor businesses, including pre-sale preparation.
    • Liquidation, wind down services, and 363 Sales.
    • Help to manage relationships with Trade.
    • Help the Board of Directors to assess the adequacy and competence of existing Management.
    • Provide Financial Advisory Services.

    Bank Consulting Services

    • Review and recommend process improvements for managed/Special Assets Departments of banks.
    • Recommend and implement effective strategies for managing problem loans.
    • Assess and recommend strategies for reducing costs of managing problem
      loans and turning a Problem Loan Department into a profit center.
    • Recommend and implement strategies for reducing charge-off, liquidation, and OREO assets.
    • Design and provide workout officers and lenders with problem loan management training.
    • Develop and deliver case–based negotiation training for workout officers.