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    Demand for Products and Services

    BSD believes in the old adage that “nothing happens until the cash register rings.”  As a consequence, if you can’t sell it, you shouldn’t make or produce it.  It is amazing how many businesses make the product first and find the buyer later.  Strong demand for products and services are just as important as strong leadership and competent management.  In fact, companies with weak leadership and incompetent management fail to recognize the importance of strong demand for products and services as prerequisites for success in business.

    BSD’s practice in this area is focused on confirming the need or demand for our client’s products and services, verifying the business idea or model, and validating the effectiveness of production methodologies, marketing/sales strategies, and delivery of products and services, all of which are necessary to satisfy consumer’s demand for products and services.

    Capital Adequacy/Access to Alternative Capital Markets

    All for-profit businesses focus on delivering adequate or superior returns to their shareholders.  To achieve this goal, they employ the owners’ capital for initial working capital and business start-ups. As the business grows, Management funds such growth and investment by leveraging shareholders’ initial equity in the business.  The next logical progression is to seek funding from alternative sources of capital such as banks, private equity lenders, and the capital markets.  Businesses that are unable to access these alternative sources of capital tend to face limited growth opportunities which leads to constrained ability to satisfy customers’ demand for products and services.

    BSD’s practice in this area is focused on assisting companies with managing the financial aspects of their businesses and relationships with lenders and other stakeholders.  We guide clients’ Management in the production of their financial resumes (business plans) and associated budgets that are acceptable to lenders, identifying capital requirements, and helping to allocate risk among different stakeholders (equity, lenders, and customers, etc.), and assisting with securing funding for business growth and investment.  In the event a business experiences bumps along the road or runs into financial difficulties with its lenders, BSD assists its clients with managing the relationship with their lenders by providing restructuring and reorganization services, including refinancing, bankruptcy reorganization, and strategic alliances.

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