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  • About BSD Advisors

    BSD Advisors is a regional turnaround management consulting company with offices in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York.  While our regional offices are primarily located in the East Coast, we provide services all over the United States. At the core of our consulting services is a recognition that even successful businesses experience bumps along the road, and often require guidance and need a different set of eyes to re-engineer and refocus the business for continued superior performance in today’s increasingly global and constantly changing interconnected world of business. We have credibility with attorneys, banks, and other lenders, and a proven track record. We have provided clients with turnaround and consulting services including: cash flows projections, reporting packages to lenders, forbearance negotiation, and enhanced communication.

    Our Business Philosophy and Core Beliefs

    “Any business that has strong leadership, with competent and visionary management, focused on providing needed products and services, and supported by adequate capital with access to alternative sources of capital, has excellent chance of being successful” BSD’s practice and consulting services are based on these three core beliefs of:

    1. Strong Leadership and Competent Management,
    2. Focus on business viability – strong demand for products and services, and
    3. Access to sources of capital.

    Leadership and Competent Management

    Strong leadership and competent management are perhaps the most important requirements for business success.  History has demonstrated that companies with strong leaders and superior management produce better results and superior returns to stakeholders.  Companies have a herd mentality – they often follow their leaders and reflect the character and competency of their management. At BSD, our work in this area is focused on validating our client’s leadership and management, supplementing management expertise where necessary, and helping to install new and superior management, if required by the stakeholders.